Bloomsbury, Bath

              Coffee, Cake and Kisses, London

              Designs by Seed, Frome

              Dotty About

             Seed, Frome

              Fisherton Mill, Salisbury

              Four Crows Gallery, Cornwall

             Glasgow School of Art Shop, Glasgow

              Hauser and Wirth , Bruton

             Harrods, London

             Hunting and Raven, Frome

             Little Lake Flowers, Chiswick         London

             Lowden Garden Centre

             Lloyd Waters

            Makers , Bristol

            Mes Amis , Beckington

            Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

             Philips and Skinner, Bruton

            Pimlico Trove, Pimlico

            Rossiters Bath

           Shannon, Bath

           Babington house

           The Packhouse

           The Kitchen Sync

          The Yorkshire Soap Company, 

           Hebden Bridge

           Who's wearing what boutique

           Winstones, Sherbourne